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SensaPeel have a long and in depth understanding of sampling, stretching back over 20 years


Our Directors were involved in the development and Patent of the most effective and versatile sampler in the market - sold today as SensaPeel.

SensaPeel continues to be at the forefront of technological development and our product has evolved to meet the changing demands of todays markets.

SensaPeel is now a viable sampling option for ANY fragranced product across ALL of your marketing media.


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A unique sampling company

  • Total manufacturing control means quality is always guaranteed
  • SensaPeel perfectly blends the accuracy of a liquid based sampler whilst retaining the versatility and price of microencapsulation (Scratch & Sniff)
  • SensaPeel is the ONLY company to supply samplers 'loose', applied to media or provide you with a bespoke application solution
  • We create your own unique SensaPeel - Any shape, size or design
  • SensaPeel is undoubtedly the most cost effective sampling solution  


SensaPeel is the only sampler which can be successfully used across ALL media forms - in print, on card or directly on product.