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Our total focus is to maximise your return on your sampling investment and make your project a success. 


We work with your business goals in mind. Understanding what you want to achieve by using SensaPeel is a valuable part of our business.

We are here to help you achieve those goals and we believe in building trusting partnerships.

We aim to make sampling simple and do the following to absorb as much work from you as we can:

  • We will propose ideas to you based on your brief
  • We will work directly with your fragrance house to obtain oils or mods
  • We will reduce your workload by coordinating departments
  • We will work with your design team to offer insight and experience
  • We will advise you on how to maximise the benefit of every Sensapeel

Here are just a few of the things SensaPeel can help with,

  • Average sales increases of 23%
  • Sampler cards can be used to collect data and increase social media interaction
  • Empower consumers
  • Increase customer interaction and experience with your brand.
  • Cross-promote products
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase market share
  • Gain consumer loyalty



Our product offers the versatility to provide a consistent message through ALL of your sales Channels whilst retaining brand identity and demonstrating innovation.