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Benefits for all


SensaPeel have spent a great deal of time and resources in order to not only understand our customers - but understand how our own product is received by your customers and what reaction or success rate we achieve.

This detailed understanding and research allows us to talk about your product and share our experiences' - which will ultimately help you make the most of our sampling solutions.

It's worth remembering, we all have a common goal, and that is to make your campaign a success - we build our business on making it a success, and we want you to have a real reason use us more and more...... as a tried, tested and verified sales and marketing tool.

Here are a few facts which we discovered from our research and feedback from clients - We think you'll find them of interest.


  • Our clients average sales increase when using samplers is 23%

  • 86% of consumers agree that sampling gives them the confidence to purchase

  • Using a sampled card is at least 5 times more effective than a non-sampled card

  • 1 in 2.4 samples eventually lead to a sale


Stand out - be different


Perfect for the initial introduction to a fragrance or fragranced product, SensaPeel is a highly cost effective way to reach your audience and will achieve the following,


  • Increase sales

  • Raise Brand awareness

  • Increase market share

  • Empower your customers

  • Improve consumers experience

  • Diversify your core market

  • Improve understanding of markets reaction to new products

  • Retain packaging integrity

  • Cross promote products by gaining consumers trust


why SensaPeel is the right choice for your project


  • Our primary focus is to make your project a success

  • Our dedicated team is here to handle everything and assist you

  • We have diverse experience and an in depth knowledge of your market

  • SensaPeel is the only solution which can successfully work across all media

  • SensaPeel is re-sealable, versatile, accurate, innovative and cost effective

  • SensaPeel will help increase your sales

  • SensaPeel will improve your customers confidence and help gain market share

  • SensaPeel will help you demonstrate Brand innovation

  • SensaPeel will help you stand out over your competitors