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In-Flight Fragrance 

Even without the uncertainty of strict airline security, sampling perfumes in flight is clearly impractical and something passengers are currently not able to experience.

The SensaPeel sampler, however, provides a safe and effective, non-liquid means of allowing airline passengers to enjoy a personal perfume sample, without affecting the cabin’s atmosphere or the comfort of fellow passengers. They enable flight attendants to tempt passengers by allowing them to try up to four fragrances on one postcard-size sample card. To obviate the need for airlines to carry stocks of perfume, sales can be transacted onboard allowing passengers to pick up their purchases on arrival at their holiday destination or home airport. 

In a face-to-face selling situation, fragrance sampling using SensaPeel is easy and effective and gives flight personnel the time and confidence to turn passenger contact into profit.



Online Perfume Sales

While many retailers are offering perfumes online, sampling makes this selling channel more problematic.

Most online retailers invite customers to order a bottle of perfume, which when sent to the customer is accompanied by a vial or small bottled sample.

If the customer chooses not to buy the product after sampling, the packaged perfume must be returned to the retailer unopened. The customer's money will then be refunded, making the online sales process costly, unreliable and time-consuming. Most online sellers do not provide a sample, forcing customers to buy blind!

The ability to mail a sample would introduce certainty to online perfume buying, make it more attractive, less costly and help stimulate sales.



In-store fragrance and fashion

Unlike sampling from an atomiser the fragrance is sampled by the customer only and does not contaminate the surrounding atmosphere.

It therefore does not confuse the person sampling or other customers’ sense of smell, or their ability to distinguish one fragrance from another as often happens with in-store sampling. In a face-to-face selling situation, using the Sensapeel sampler is easy and effective, giving retail staff more confidence and more time to turn brand promise into profit.